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Team Project

Colossus Clash!(2024)

Colossus Clash is a team project done with only a weeks worth of work for IGME-320 - Game Design and Development II. The goal of the class was to design a game, create a pitch deck, and make a minimum value prototype in a week to showcase how the game might play.

In addition, I have been accepted to RIT's IGME 689 - Grad Research Studio in the fall, where my team will develop this game in its entirety and have a published game through RIT's Magic Spell Studios by Q2 2025.

Features I worked on:

  • Player Controller using Unity's new input system.

  • Controller as well as Mouse and Keyboard support.

  • The Enemy .Seek() function, which pursues the player.

  • Player and Enemy Health classes, which detects bullet collision and changes health accordingly.

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